B+LNZ Northern North Island director election result announced

// B+LNZ

B+LNZ has released the results of voting in the NNI farmer director election. With the retirement of Martin Coup, there will be a new face at the B+LNZ Board table. Results of other voting will follow the annual meeting next week.


Te Pahu farmer and current Beef + Lamb New Zealand Mid-Northern North Island Farmer Council Chair Phil Weir has been elected to the B+LNZ Board in the Northern North Island electorate.  

In the election as part of the 2024 B+LNZ Annual Meeting process, Weir received 4,834 weighted votes while his opponent Peter Moore received 1,500 weighted votes – a winning margin of 3,334. 

B+LNZ Board Chair Kate Acland congratulated Weir and thanked Moore for putting his name forward. 

“I know Phil will bring new ideas and great energy and I look forward to working with him on the Board.” 

Turnout for this director election was just under 10 percent.  

“I’m hugely disappointed with the low turnout. I acknowledge it’s an incredibly busy and challenging time on farm but it’s really important that farmers get involved in the conversations and have their say,” Acland says.  

Outgoing NNI director Martin Coup announced his retirement in November 2023 and will be formally farewelled after the annual meeting.  

Acland thanked Coup for his six years of service. “Martin is such a positive and committed person and has been great to have on the Board. I wish him all the very best for his next endeavours.” 


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