New B+LNZ director elections in Eastern North Island following cyclone-related postponement

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Farmers in Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Eastern North Island (ENI) electorate will now be able to vote in new elections for their farmer director representative.

Image of a sheep, lamb and cow on farm.

Voting was postponed in February in light of the significant disruption caused by Cyclone Gabrielle and, in order to ensure equity, the decision has been made to completely restart the election process.

New B+LNZ Board Chair Kate Acland says it’s important that ENI farmers who took part in B+LNZ’s annual meeting voting process understand this is a new election.

“That means if they voted for their preferred ENI director when they voted on the annual meeting resolutions and remits, they need to re-cast their vote.

“Starting the director elections afresh means that all candidates can undertake comprehensive campaigning and voters will have an equal chance to participate and make an informed choice.

“Many parts of the ENI region are still dealing with the aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle but with the move from response to recovery, I encourage farmers to put their minds to who they want to represent their region going forwards.”

All four candidates – Jenny Boyne, Patrick Crawshaw, Paul Crick and Sandra Matthews – have reconfirmed they are standing for election.

Voting packs are being sent out tomorrow, 12 April, and should arrive in ENI region mailboxes by about 21 April. Voting can be completed by post or online, using the PIN and password on voting papers.

Voting closes at 2pm on Friday 5 May.

Current ENI director George Tatham, who planned to stand down after nine years, has continued in the role while the election was postponed and his term will come to an end when the results are announced.

ENI voters with any questions are asked to call 0800 BEEFLAMB (0800 233 352) or email


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