Making a submission on ETS proposals?

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If you want to provide feedback on the Government’s proposed changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme, we’ve made it easy with a pre-written submission template. There are also other resources to refer to.

The Government has released two sets of consultation materials:

  • an overarching review of the ETS and the role of forestry within it, and
  • one specifically on potential changes to the permanent forest category of the ETS.

B+LNZ will provide feedback on the proposals on behalf of our farmers and our submission will be informed by what farmers have told us. 

We will reflect the fact that many farmers are concerned about the scale and pace of whole farms being sold into forestry as a result of the increasing carbon price – and the resulting effects on rural communities – while at the same time many farmers see the opportunity to grow income from carbon revenue from on-farm planting as part of diversifying their farm systems. 

We’re working to ensure the B+LNZ submission gets the balance right but we also encourage you to make your own submissions, as this is a complex area and it’s important the Government hears from farmers. 

Pre-written submission template

We’ve developed a template you can use if you want to make your own submission on the proposals. 

All you need to do is enter your details, read the pre-written form (editing or deleting anything you don’t agree with and adding your own examples and thoughts) and then automatically email it to the Ministry for the Environment (MfE).

Submissions are closed.

See below for our other resources to help you write your submission. 

More info on the consultation

Consultation closes on Friday 11 August.

B+LNZ has been given an extension to enable detailed Board consideration of the submission document before it’s provided to MfE. We will publish the submission on our website when it’s finalised. 

Other resources