Key messages emerge in Sow, Grow, Thrive Webinar Series

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Despite the range of guest speakers on Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s recent Sow, Grow, Thrive webinar series, many of the key messages that emerged were very similar and four in particular stood out. These were the need to plan, the importance of teamwork, the value of connection and self-care.

image of female farmer in field with children

The aim of the series was to empower farmers to financial success and much of the focus was on using the current economic downturn to really examine every aspect of the farm business. This means the business will be in a good position to fully capitalise on the inevitable economic upswing.

Over 1,000 farmers and rural professionals tuned in on the series.


Many of the speakers, which included farmers, bankers, farm accountants, farm consultants, financial advisors and a psychologist, encouraged farmers to “not waste a good crisis” and take the opportunity to run a ruler over the business to find where incremental gains could be made.

All stressed the importance of planning as the cornerstone of achievement and the need to revisit plans on a regular basis.


A strong team is essential for business growth and this team goes well beyond the farm gate. It could include bank managers, accountants, processors, agronomists, farm advisors as well as farm staff; anyone who has the businesses’ best interests at heart.


Many of the speakers reminded farmers that they weren’t going through this economic downturn alone. Connecting with others and sharing experiences can be a valuable tool during challenging times.


An individual’s health and well-being is their greatest asset. Prioritising sleep and nourishing food will help fuel the body and the mind. Several of the farm speakers spoke about the importance of getting off-farm on a regular basis to play sport or connect with others.

Access the recordings

Five of the six Sow, Grow, Thrive webinar series are available on B+LNZ’s Knowledge Hub. They include:

  • Paddock stories: Becks Smith, Justine Kidd, Matthew Tayler & Patrick Crawshaw
  • Budgets and beyond: Fraser Weir
  • Looking forward: Luke Kemeys
  • Farming through the seasons: Rob Macnab
  • Navigating tough times: Dan Billing & Matt Hood
  • Sharpening the tools: Nigel Latta ( not available)

 Access the recordings and more at the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Knowledge Hub.