Have your say on the Government’s consultation on the low-slope map for stock exclusion

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The following email was sent to farmers on 28 June 2023.

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We’ve recently had some wins in the policy space, with the Government proposing solutions to some key farmer concerns.

This email outlines consultation on potential changes to the low-slope map for stock exclusion.

Farmer feedback is really important. We’re asking you to complete a short survey before midnight Monday 3 July to help us with our consultation submission – more info below.

Note we’ll also send you information on a consultation about proposed changes to NZ’s Emissions Trading Scheme settings next week.

Amendments to stock exclusion regulations – the low-slope map

  • The Government is consulting on options to fix issues with the low-slope map for stock exclusion, for beef cattle and deer only. (Note the stock exclusion regulations do not apply to sheep) 
  • This consultation responds to repeated criticism from B+LNZ, Federated Farmers, DINZ and impacted farmers about the accuracy of the map and its practical application. We’re working closely with Feds and DINZ on our response to the proposals.

Options proposed by the Government to address the issue are:

  1. exemptions to the low-slope map for farmers who have very low stocking rates per hectare;
  2. getting rid of the map and using certified freshwater farm plans (FW-FP) as a replacement; or
  3. a mix of the low slope map and FW-FP as an alternative pathway for exemptions.

Please provide us with your feedback

  • It’s positive that the Government is looking to make changes, however we need farmer input to see if the options will work.
  • This joint industry factsheet (PDF, 380KB) outlines the proposed options and more detailed initial analysis of each.
  • To help us understand the impact on-farm of the options please complete this short survey by midnight Monday 3 July.
  • We’re doing the survey with Feds and DINZ and farmers only need to provide information once.

How you can make a submission

  • If you’re affected by the current mapping approach we strongly encourage you to make a submission: see the consultation materials on the MfE website. You don’t have to answer all the questions in the Government’s discussion document – you can focus on what’s important to you.
  • The consultation closes on 16 July – which is a very short timeframe.

We appreciate you’re busy but your input is important so we can get the Government to make the right changes. If you have any further ideas on how we can make it easier for you to have a say, please let us know.