Beef + Lamb New Zealand applauds Government's $8.3 million commitment to combat Facial Eczema Impacts 

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Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) welcomes the announcement made by the Government, pledging $8.3 million towards the Eliminating Facial Eczema Impacts (EFEI) programme. 

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Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) welcomes the announcement made by the Government, pledging $8.3 million towards the Eliminating Facial Eczema Impacts (EFEI) programme. 

 The EFEI programme, valued at $20.75 million over a seven-year period, is a collaborative effort.    

 B+LNZ has committed $9 million, alongside the government's $8.3 million funding commitment through the Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund with the remaining in-kind funding coming from contributions from 13 industry partners.  

Recognising the severe impact of this disease on farm productivity, profitability and animal health, the collaboration between B+LNZ, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), and partners marks the most significant step forward in decades towards managing a disease that has been impacting sheep, beef and dairy farmers for over 100 years.  

The announcement was made today by Minister for Agriculture, Todd McClay and B+LNZ Board Chair, Kate Acland at the Central Districts Field Days in Fielding, with Prime Minister, Christopher Luxon in attendance.   

 Acland said, "This announcement is timely, giving a confidence boost to our sector as we grapple with the impact of two years of poor returns coupled with recovery from major weather events and a challenging summer for many.  The EFEI programme will undoubtedly improve farm productivity and profitability overtime."  

 Minister McClay echoed Acland’s sentiments noting “The Coalition Government backs the New Zealand pastoral sector and is committed to ensuring they remain world best. This project is about making sure the sector is productive, efficient, and successful.”  

 Facial Eczema causes an estimated $332 million impact annually to farmers through slower livestock growth rates and can cause the loss of a significant amount of stock during severe outbreaks.    

 The disease, associated with a toxin producing fungus, not only affects the financial bottom line for farmers but is a pressing animal health issue and also affects farmer’s mental wellbeing. With climate change, the disease is expected to spread more widely across New Zealand.    

 “The EFEI programme, supported by government funding, aims for a cost-saving of $38 million for New Zealand at the end of the programme, with an additional annual benefit of $20 million thereafter.  

 “This ambitious and collaborative programme will deliver new tools and solutions developed in partnership with farmers and leading research scientists at AgResearch and other Crown Research Institutes, Universities, and expert consultants across New Zealand to manage FE, granting them greater control over their livestock's health.   

 By eliminating the impact of FE, we will see improvements in both the physical health of our livestock, increased productivity and better returns for our farmers.”  


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