E-diary notices: 22 September 2023

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This week’s notices: 

Levy rates on sheepmeat and beef remain unchanged

Notice is given that the rates of sheepmeat and beef levies (exclusive of GST) will not change for the levy year commencing 1 October 2023 and will continue to be 75 cents a head for sheepmeat and $5.20 a head for beef.

Broken links on our website

If you’ve tried to access something on our upgraded website recently using an existing link that doesn’t work, or clicked on a link on one of our webpages that gives you an error message, please let us know. We’ve been working on fixing links that were broken during the upgrade but there are bound to be some we’ve missed. Please send broken links through to web@beeflambnz.com

M. bovis update

A dairy farm in Selwyn has been confirmed infected with Mycoplasma bovis this week after it was first identified by standard Bulk Tank Milk background screening. The find is unsurprising as the programme expected to identify more infected properties during spring testing, and it does not undermine progress toward eradication. The eradication programme is working with the farmer on a plan to depopulate the farm and undertaking tracing of animal movements on and off the farm. This work will help identify the likely source of the infection and any other farms it may have moved to. As with previous Confirmed Properties, it is likely the number of farms under movement restrictions will increase over the next few weeks as the programme looks for any possible infection.