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The B+LNZ 2024 Director roadshow, around NZ from July to September, will provide updates relevant to you and seek input to help shape the future. Find out about our focus behind the farm gate and help test our thinking on key policy issues.

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B+LNZ Chair Kate Acland says these informal sessions are a great opportunity for farmers to get insights from B+LNZ and help test current thinking on key policy issues. 

“Last year’s farmer feedback sessions were really helpful for Directors to hear what was on farmers’ minds.  

“We also heard from farmers that they’d like a more structured approach to future meetings, with some more concrete information, so we’ve designed this year’s roadshow with that in mind.  

“There’ll still be a chance for farmers to tell us what’s important to them, too.” 

At the meetings, which will run from 29 July to 5 September at around 30 locations nationwide, local farmer directors and senior B+LNZ staff will outline how B+LNZ’s work is now more strongly focused behind the farm gate on farmers’ productivity and profitability.  

“Come along to find out more about this and let us know if you think we’ve got the balance right in terms of our priorities. 

“We’re also keen to explain our current thinking on key policy issues like freshwater and climate change, and to test that thinking with farmers.  

“We’ve been talking to groups of farmers about what they think we should be looking for from Government on policy changes that are underway, and this is a chance to add your voice to this process.” 

Acland notes that the sessions are part of B+LNZ’s commitment to getting and listening to farmers and ensuing their voices are reflected in our advocacy.  

For more information on dates and locations, and to register, check out the Director roadshow event page on our website.  

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