Developing fit-for-purpose qualifications for farmers

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Muka Tangata is working on two large projects to review current food and fibre qualifications and career pathways to create fit-for-purpose training. B+LNZ works with Muka Tangata to ensure outcomes are tailored to the sheep and beef sector. Learn more about these projects.

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Both projects carried out by Muka Tangata, the Workforce Development Council for people, food and fibre, aims to build flexible, sustainable, and accessible pathways that support increased availability of skills-based training that are fit-for-purpose for learners, employers and providers. 

The ‘Entry Level project’ is reviewing all Level 2 and Level 3 food and fibre qualifications, aimed at making new qualifications for people just starting out in farming, ensuring they are equipped to work on farm. 

Through the ‘Agriculture project’, Muka Tangata will review and develop qualifications, standards and micro-credentials from Level 3 to Level 5 for Agriculture industries including arable, dairy, sheep, beef, deer, pork, and poultry farming. The aim is to improve qualifications for people who are already working in the industry. 

Muka Tangata invites you to attend wānanga around the country or online webinars to learn more about the projects and how you can be involved. Read more and sign up here: Entry Level and Agriculture Project Wānanga and Webinars - Muka Tangata 

Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) works with Muka Tangata to ensure outcomes are tailored to the sheep and beef sector.  

B+LNZ’s National Extension Programme Manager Olivia Weatherburn says, “B+LNZ is supportive of Muka Tangata’s approach and what they are trying to achieve in equipping farmers with qualifications that formally validate their skills.” 

“It is important to get these qualifications right to give farmers’ the confidence that prospective employees have the necessary skills for the job. 

“We’re big advocates for continual learning to foster a skilled and confident workforce within the food and fibre sector, supporting its growth,” says Weatherburn. 

Muka Tangata is also working in collaboration with other industry partners, iwi Māori, schools, Kura Māori, trades academies, employers, and providers across the regions to ensure that a broad view of the needs of the industry are met. 

About Muka Tangata  

Muka Tangata is the Workforce Development Council for people, food and fibre representing 14 industry groups that make up the food and fibre sector of Aotearoa. They develop qualifications, standards and micro-credentials to make sure people in our sector have the skills for work. They then advise government on how much money to spend on these qualifications, standards and programmes across vocational education and training.