B+LNZ workshop seeks solutions for future parasite management

// Pests and Diseases

Recognising that parasite management and drench resistance is one of their biggest challenges facing farmers, Beef + Lamb New Zealand recently held a workshop to start finding solutions for this complex problem.

workshop attendees brainstorming

Dr Suzi Keeling, B+LNZ Sector Science Strategy Manager said the organisation tapped into national and international expertise and gathered perspectives from farmers, vets, researchers, rural professionals, processing companies, drench companies, government and industry bodies.

“We really want to build a collaborative partnership to tackle this challenge together. It is really important that we have the input of farmer knowledge and their operational expertise to help shape the research so outcomes will be useful.”

She says parasite management and drench resistance is a significant animal health concern for livestock farmers both nationally and internationally.

Livestock farmers have been relying on broad spectrum anthelmintic drugs or drenches to manage internal parasites, but this has resulted in parasites becoming resistant to the drenches. This means that some or all drenches no longer work on a significant number of farms.

“While reversing drench resistance or farming successfully with drench resistance is possible, the approach may need to be tailored for different farm systems and will take time and commitment.”

Workshop participants discussed what would be needed to enable farmers to manage parasites both sustainably and successfully.  They also workshopped current knowledge and barriers and opportunities for success.

Dr Cara Brosnahan, B+LNZ Principal Adviser Animal Health Research, said it was great to see the enthusiasm and willingness from everyone in the room to share information and knowledge on parasites.

“Workshop outputs will be used to develop a collaborative research programme that will help our farmers farm successfully and manage parasites issues both now and in the future.”

B+LNZ is committed to advancing parasite management research and associated extension activities in partnership with Wormwise, the national worm management strategy.