B+LNZ welcomes consultation on amendments to stock exclusion regulations (low-slope map)

// Farm Planning

Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) has welcomed the Government’s consultation on amendments to the stock exclusion regulations, which have been proposed in response to feedback from B+LNZ, farmers and others in the sector.

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B+LNZ Chair Kate Acland says the proposed amendments are a positive step forward.

“We have been very clear that the Government’s approach was flawed and was going to lead to significant unnecessary exclusion and fencing costs for farmers. We’ve long been critical of the inaccurate low-slope map for stock exclusion and have been raising farmer concerns.

“The consultation materials released yesterday show the Government has listened. Through the consultation we need to look at the details of the proposals and we will be working with farmers to better understand the practical implications of the various options.”

B+LNZ had called for the map to be replaced. This is one of the options put forward.

“Based on our initial analysis, there appear to be three main options. One is around exemptions based on intensity, or stocking rate, and the others relate to using freshwater farm plans either as a complete replacement for the low slope map or as an alternative pathway.

“We’ll be talking to our farmers about how they could see the stocking rate exemption applying and will also be working to better understand the farm plan map replacement and alternative pathway options.”

Acland says many farmers have told B+LNZ the low-slope map is not accurate on their farms, and it is good to see the current consultation aiming to provide solutions for this issue.

B+LNZ will soon seek farmer input into its consultation submission and will be providing more detail for farmers who wish to make their own submission.


For more information, please contact James Ford on 027 235 9806 or media@beeflambnz.com