B+LNZ supporting farmers through cyclone response

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As farmers affected by Cyclone Gabrielle start to think about the recovery phase, B+LNZ is committed to offering practical information and support in the weeks and months ahead. Chief Executive Sam McIvor visited the affected areas this week and there has been extensive cooperation across the sector.

B+LNZ staff

Road repairs and slash damage among farmers’ main concerns

Following his visit to areas affected by Cyclone Gabrielle, B+LNZ CEO Sam McIvor says the Government needs to clearly communicate to farmers how and when vital road repairs will be carried out, and the ministerial inquiry into forestry slash must ensure this level of devastation never happens again. Read more here.

Meat processing companies supporting cyclone-impacted rural communities

The red meat processing sector is working hard to support cyclone-affected rural communities by ensuring plants return to operation as soon as possible so farmers can get livestock processed. The sector is focused on meeting the needs of farmers while ensuring the welfare of employees and maintaining high levels of animal welfare. Read more here.

Resowing silt damaged pastures

Practical information for farmers on dealing with silt damaged pastures and crops in the wake of Cyclone Gabrielle. Read more here.

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