B+LNZ launches limited-time beef and lamb menu at premium Shanghai bistros

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During April, Chinese Conscious Foodie consumers can experience the taste of high-quality New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb at five popular Shanghai bistros.

image of TPN team in Shanghai

B+LNZ in partnership with well-known Shanghai bistro restaurant chain, Alimentari, launched a limited-time "Banquet of Nature" special menu at five popular bistros as part of a Taste Pure Nature brand campaign.   

Alimentari chefs are using New Zealand grass-fed beef from Silver Fern Farms and New Zealand grass-fed lamb branded Pure South from Alliance Group as the hero ingredients. They are introducing fusion dishes inspired by the natural, pure environment of New Zealand, fully showcasing the unique flavours of New Zealand premium red meat.  

B+LNZ Chair Kate Acland says, "Through such marketing activities, we aim to bring New Zealand beef and lamb into the daily lives of more and more Chinese consumers. We want to enable more Chinese Conscious Foodie consumers to understand and appreciate the unique value of New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb, promote consumption, and strengthen cooperation between China and New Zealand in the red meat trade sector." 

The campaign is supported by Shen Hongfei (“Shen Ye"), the chief consultant of the famous Chinese food documentary ‘A Bite of China’ and founder of the popular food video channel ‘Shen's Dining Room’.  

B+LNZ’s Global Manager – New Zealand Red Meat Story Michael Wan says, “Shen Hongfei is not only an iconic and well-respected foodie, but he brings major consumer gravitas and reach.” 

Campaign ambassador Shen Hongfei created special episodes on his ‘Shen’s Dining Room’ channel that involved interviews with well-known nutritionist Tian Xue and senior reporter Shi Jie.  

The episodes, released on popular Chinese social media channels, provide in-depth insights about the grass-fed approach, nutritional value, and rich natural flavours of New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb. They discuss how to combine health and deliciousness, leading the audience to more intuitively experience the pure nature of New Zealand and the high quality of beef and lamb.  

The campaign kicked off on 2 April at a launch event with media and social media influencers attending one of the Alimentari bistro restaurants. 

Ardi Barnard, New Zealand's Consul-General, Richard Dunsheath, New Zealand Trade Commissioner in Shanghai, and representatives from exporters and distributors joined the launch event of the special menu. 

About Taste Pure Nature 

The Taste Pure Nature campaign continues to dedicate itself to enhancing the brand awareness and image of New Zealand grass-fed red among Chinese consumers through various marketing and promotional activities. It aims to strengthen partnerships with local importers, retailers, and food service professionals in China to ensure the efficient and stable entry of high-quality New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb products into the Chinese market, meeting consumers' increasing demands and preferences.