B+LNZ director elections in Eastern North Island postponed

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The significant disruption caused by Cyclone Gabrielle on the East Coast of the North Island has led Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) to postpone its farmer director elections in the Eastern North Island (ENI) electorate.

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B+LNZ Board Chair Andrew Morrison says given many farms and communities remain completely cut off, and farmers throughout the region are focused on the welfare of people and livestock first and then rebuilding, this was the logical decision.

“Farmers in that region have enough on their plates at the moment. While director elections are important, we understand they’re just not going to be a priority for many farmers in the area.

“It’s also important that everyone on the B+LNZ electoral roll in the Eastern North Island has a chance to participate and make an informed choice. At this stage many voters won’t be receiving mail and candidates will not be able to complete their campaigning.”

All four candidates – Jenny Boyne, Patrick Crawshaw, Paul Crick and Sandra Matthews – have been contacted and support a postponement. 

Further information on how voting for the ENI farmer director will now be undertaken, and the new deadline for votes for the director role, will be available once additional assessments of the situation have been undertaken. 

Current ENI director George Tatham, who planned to stand down after nine years, will continue in the role until the rescheduled election is completed. 

Voting for the director election in the Southern South Island (SSI) electorate will go ahead as planned. Voting for the SSI election, and for company resolutions and remits, closes on 22 March. 

The B+LNZ annual meeting is required by statute to be completed by 31 March 2023 so will go ahead as planned with remits and voting continuing. 

However, issues around farmers from cyclone affected areas across the North Island – especially Northland and the East Coast – being able to fully participate will be noted and factored into any responses and decisions made by the Board about remits. 


For more information, please contact James Ford on 027 235 9806 or media@beeflambnz.com