B+LNZ celebrates successful first year of Taste Pure Nature

Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) celebrates a successful year of launching its Taste Pure Nature origin brand in California, and is shortly launching in China.

Origin Brand image

In March 2019, B+LNZ launched its Taste Pure Nature origin brand in California, setting out to excite, educate and engage ‘Conscious Foodie’ consumers about the best tasting grass-fed beef and lamb in the world. The pilot launch in California proved successful, and we will be launching in China early 2020.

Watch a video summarising some of the highlights of the marketing campaign in the US this year.  

Launched in Times Square New York, the campaign gained extensive media coverage including 176 pieces of coverage, generating 134,700,000+ impressions.

A US website was launched and it has had over 6 million brand views so far. 

A range of digital display and video advertisements had 327,000+ people click to find out more and see where to buy our products.

In 2019, Taste Pure Nature partnered in the US with New Zealand brands: Atkins Ranch, First Light, Silver Fern Farms, New Zealand Spring Lamb and Pure South Te Mana Lamb. We will be looking to partner with other companies in China next year, including Silver Fern Farms, Greenlea and ANZCO.  

Nick Beeby, B+LNZ’s General Manager Market development, says utilising these partnerships have contributed immensely to the success of Taste Pure Nature in 2019.

“The engagement we’ve received so far has been incredible. Our summer grilling broadcast TV segments in California received more than 30,000 views and more than 511,000 online impressions.”

“In partnering with First Light, we received a large number of social media engagements and potential online reach by using a San Diego influencer they work with.”

“We also tailgated 101 TV segments hosted by Chef George Duran which saw Taste Pure Nature gain more than 1,000 placements to date resulting in more than 517,500,000 potential impressions. 

Nick says it’s been great to see how receptive our target market is for New Zealand beef and lamb. 

“While we’re taking a long-term view of building the profile of the Taste Pure Nature brand and understanding of New Zealand’s farming systems in California and the United States, it’s clear to see that there’s a real want for our product by the ‘conscious foodie’ consumer. We’re excited to take this into the Chinese market.”

Influencers visit

There is currently a visit underway in New Zealand of  six ‘foodie’ influencers from the US where they are learning about Taste Pure Nature and experiencing some of New Zealand’s farming and meat production, in partnership with Firstlight Foods, Atkins Ranch and SFF 

Looking to the future

Following the successful launch of Taste Pure Nature’s pilot campaign in California, we are looking to launch in China in early 2020. Eventually, the brand assets will be available for New Zealand exporters to use in all markets, with the brand appearing on packaging, advertising, and other material. 

Find out more about Taste Pure Nature

Taste Pure Nature is used as a global brand platform to underpin exporters’ marketing programmes and enhance the positioning of New Zealand red meat. It has been developed in partnership with meat processors and farmers.