Benefits of employing a recent cadet graduate

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If you’re looking for passionate, skilled staff to contribute to your successful farming operation, there are many benefits to employing a recent graduate who has land-based training.


Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) supports a number of farming cadetships across the country that are ensuring the next generation of sheep and beef farmers, and farm workers are fully equipped to succeed. 

B+LNZ’s National Extension Manager Olivia Weatherburn says she is hearing that unfortunately recently graduated cadets are finding it hard to gain employment, yet she understands that farms are struggling to find workers. 

Below, Weatherburn shares some of the many benefits to employing recently graduated young adults. 

You’ll be met with passion, enthusiasm and energy  

“Many recently graduated cadets are eager to get into full-time employment to put their new-found skills into use.  

Having studied whilst working, they are generally quick learners and eager to learn new skills.” 

You’ll learn about the latest training and new technologies  

“These graduates have been exposed to the latest science and technology which they will be able to  share with your farming business.” 

You’ll gain a new perspective 

“Employing a diverse workforce offers opportunities to gain new perspective and different ways of solving problems.” 

It benefits the industry 

“By employing a recent graduate you’re helping ensure that our industry retains talented, motivated young people who will ultimately be the future of our industry. 

“You’re also helping ensure the industry stays an attractive career opportunity. The last thing we want is for students to think they might not get employed.” 

Find a grad near you 

Get in contact with your local cadet farm to register your interest in employing future graduates.