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Apply now for the Next Generation Sheep Farmer Programme, scheduled to take place in Australia from 3 – 10 August 2024.

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Two young sheep farmers from New Zealand have a unique opportunity to participate in the Next Generation Sheep Farmer Programme, scheduled to take place in Australia from 3 – 10 August 2024.  

By participating in the Next Generation Sheep Farmer Programme, you will meet likeminded sheep farmers from around the world, gain an in depth understanding of the Australian sheep industry, and support B+LNZ’s engagement with international partners. 

This programme is part of the Global Sheep Producers Forum (GSPF), a collaborative initiative aimed at fostering sustainable practices in the global sheep industry. The programme brings together young sheep farmers from the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada, offering a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and skill development. 

More information on the Global Sheep Forum can be found on the Global Sheep Forum website


The programme is made up of two interlinked parts.  

Firstly, groups will be formed with participants from partner countries where they will decide on an area of sheep farming that they want to focus on. Throughout the programme they will meet online with their group to work on this project and will present their findings to the Global Sheep Forum online following the in-person visit to Australia.  

The second part of the programme includes a visit to a Global Sheep Forum partner country to understand their sheep farming industry. In 2024, this visit will be hosted by Australia and will involve visiting farms, processors, and sheep industry members before attending Australia’s LambEx conference. LambEx is Australia’s major sheep farming event and aims to promote Australia’s sheep and lamb industry as a highly progressive and professional industry. In 2024, it is in South Australia and is the first time it will be held since 2018 due to COVID-19 related disruptions. 


  • Young (under 35). 
  • Leaders you must have demonstrated leadership in the New Zealand sheep industry. 
  • Farmer – you must be actively involved in sheep farming in New Zealand. 

Apply now 

Apply by emailing your CV and a cover letter to  

In your cover letter: 

  • please explain why you are the ideal participant to take part in this programme, 
  • how you align with the values mentioned below, and  
  • details of how you have demonstrated leadership within the New Zealand sheep industry. 

Applications close on 15 February 2024. 

Following that interviews will be scheduled before the two successful candidates are announced.  

More information about Global Sheep Producers 

Global Sheep Producers Forum values

Adaptable: the programme recognises the diverse climatic conditions and farming practices around the world. Participants will have the flexibility to tailor sustainable practices to their unique conditions, promoting a global perspective while respecting local nuances. 

Trustworthy: goals set by the GSPF prioritize effectiveness, ensuring that sustainable practices are not only adaptable but also trustworthy. The forum aims to build consumer and public trust in the sheep industry's commitment to sustainability, reinforcing its role as a responsible source of food and fibre. 

Ambitious: the GSPF encourages ambitious goals that reflect a shared commitment to continuous improvement in the global sheep industry. Through these goals, participants will contribute to positioning the sheep industry as an essential and responsible partner in the global food and fibre system. 

Collaborative: collaboration lies at the heart of the GSPF. Participants will have the opportunity to work with sheep producers from diverse backgrounds, sharing ideas, technologies, and approaches to enhance the industry's environmental and animal welfare credentials on a global scale. 

Global Sheep Producers sustainability narrative: sheep producers worldwide share core values and principles, emphasizing the importance of: 

  • Preserving family farming: the programme focuses on preserving the family farming lifestyle and encouraging the active involvement of the next generation, ensuring the sustainability of the industry. 
  • Environmental stewardship: practices that enhance the viability, productivity, and health of the environment, promoting biodiversity, water quality, and soil health through careful stewardship. 
  • Embracing technology: The program encourages the adoption of technology and management practices that improve productivity, support positive environmental outcomes, and facilitate adaptation to changing environments. 
  • Community support: sheep farmers are committed to supporting rural communities socially, culturally, and economically, recognising their role as integral contributors to the overall well-being of these communities. 
  • Animal welfare commitment: a central focus is on ensuring the well-being of sheep through good nutrition and best management practices for positive animal welfare experiences. 
  • Responsible resource management: participants will learn responsible management of natural resources integral to sheep production, ensuring their availability for future generations of sheep producers.