Trade Policy

With around 90 percent of beef and 95 percent of sheepmeat exported, market access is crucial to our sector’s profitability.  

We do this by maintaining and protecting current market access, improving this access, and unlocking new market potential.  

The Trade Team works closely with counterparts at the Meat Industry Association and the New Zealand government, predominantly the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry for Primary Industries who negotiate our international agreements and improved market access. We provide expert knowledge and ensure that what is negotiated provides maximum benefit to the sheep and beef industry.  

We also have members in-markets in the UK/EU and the United States. 

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International Environment  

The Trade Policy Team also works to ensure that sheep and beef farmers views are heard at international environment negotiations such as the UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP) and advocates for farmers views on international environmental issues such as climate change and biodiversity.  

International Relations  

We also work with a wide range of international counterparts around the world in order to share knowledge and research, collaborate, and advocate on issues common to all red meat producers.  

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