Taste Pure Nature origin brand

B+LNZ’s Taste Pure Nature origin brand is live in the US and China with a digital media campaign to introduce our target market – the “Conscious Foodies” to the provenance of New Zealand beef and lamb.


Our Taste Pure Nature origin brand will be used as a global brand platform to underpin exporters’ marketing programmes and enhance the positioning of New Zealand red meat. It has been developed in partnership with meat processors and farmers.

Eventually, Taste Pure Nature brand assets will be available for New Zealand exporters to use in all markets, with the brand appearing on packaging, advertising, and other material. A pilot rollout of Taste Pure Nature is currently underway in California, with work being done on a strategy for a rollout in China in late 2019.

These programmes will aim to build demand and visibility for New Zealand beef and lamb through active in-market promotion of Taste Pure Nature to key distributors, foodservice and retail channels, including consumers. If successful, B+LNZ will work with processing companies to extend Taste Pure Nature to other markets.

Who are we targeting

After extensive consumer research across six key markets, we have identified a segment of consumers who we’ve dubbed the “Conscious Foodies”. These consumers want quality and experiences from their food. They are interested in the provenance of their food, where it comes from, how the animals they are eating were raised from an animal welfare and environmental perspective. They see these as inputs into quality and nutritious food.

Our research shows that these consumers will pay a premium for naturally raised, grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic free red meat. It also shows that while the Conscious Foodies are aware of New Zealand, they think of our beautiful scenery they’ve seen from films like Lord of the Rings and don’t know anything about our farming practices.

Taste Pure Nature will change that by connecting these Conscious Foodies and their values with New Zealand’s naturally raised, grass-fed, free range beef and lamb.

Learn about the conscious foodie

How will Taste Pure Nature be promoted in market?

We know that Conscious Foodies are active online, and that much of their activity focuses around food and social media. We’ll be making extensive use of digital channels and key influencers to reach these consumers, as well as targeting retail and foodservice providers. The online activity will be supported by other various foodshow and in-store promotions, including Taste Pure Nature appearing on New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme sourced beef and lamb in store.

Below are two examples of ads currently being run in California.

What does success look like?

Market development and brand building is a long-term investment, so we do not anticipate seeing significant change in the first few years. But some of the things we’ll be looking at include:

  • Taste Pure Nature raises the awareness and preference for New Zealand red meat within the “Conscious Foodie” segment
  • Taste Pure Nature is leveraged by participating New Zealand meat companies to create and invest in brands which have unique value propositions over and above the country which they have originated
  • Over the long-term, we will also expect to see improved price relative to key competitors
  • New Zealand farmers are recognised for their efforts – by both the market and through regulation.

Find out more

Visit the Taste Pure Nature consumer facing website.