Market innovation and seizing opportunities

Making sure that our farmers are getting the best value they can for their beef and lamb is not just about maintaining the status quo in our current markets – it’s also about using market innovation to carve out new ‘slices of the pie’. We want to enable innovation that is transformational to the New Zealand red meat sector in terms of profitability, sustainability, and confidence.


What is market innovation?

Market innovation is the improvement of the mix of target markets and of the way in which these are served. It includes new markets and new distribution processes in foreign and local markets.

Collaboration is key

Market innovation can't be accomplished by one part of the sector alone. It’s our goal that exporters and farmers work in partnership, underscored by transparency of market opportunities and what is required behind the farm gate in order to seize these opportunities.

Staying ahead of trends

We want to lead the red meat sector in understanding and ‘front-footing’ potential disruption brought about by cutting edge food production technologies and global trends.

What we’re doing

  • We’re not just focusing on common goals to align the sector and ‘grow the pie’, we’re encouraging healthy competition and innovation to ‘take a slice of the pie’
  • We’re creating a cohesive plan of action to secure the opportunities and address the issues
  • We’re exploring potential disruptive forces to enable pre-emptive action and help the sector shape itself and turn these forces into market growth opportunities
  • We’re developing cohesive consumer and market trend intelligence that can enable sound business decisions
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