Wairarapa Innovation Farm, Richard Tosswill, Te Awa Awa

As part of the B+LNZ Innovation Farm Programme, Richard Tosswill is leading a project in increasing legume content on uncultivable hill country. The following video is a diary of 2019 capturing Richard’s key learnings and decision making around management during the year.

Objectives of this project:

  • Demonstrate the establishment of a range of new annual legumes in dryland hill country.
  • Demonstrate the importance of autumn and spring management in increasing the amount of existing annual legumes on uncultivable dryland hill country.

The Innovation Farm trial takes place over two trial areas – “Nikau paddock” and “Hughes paddock”.

For a full breakdown of how you can use grazing management to encourage sub clover on dryland pastures, check out the following factsheet:

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