Optimising lamb growth before weaning

This video discusses strategies to get lambs to optimal weaning weights.

The key is optimising the ewe’s lactation. Ewes need to eat a lot of feed to be able to reach the best lactation rates and get 300 grams per day on their lambs. A real key to enhancing the lactation is getting the ewes ready for set stocking with a bit of fat on their backs so they are set up well.

In this video the Maxwell brothers describe how they rotate the lambs and ewes in small mobs regularly to enhance lactation and give them the pick of the feed.

A game changer for the Maxwell’s is drenching at eight weeks, this picks up the bottom 30% of lambs to a much higher weaning weight. Both the Maxwell brothers and Henry Pinckney describe legumes are key to getting high growth rates on their lambs. Henry was even able to increase his weaning weights by 7kgs.

  • Rearing and Weaning