Marlborough Farming for Profit Webinar: Optimising Lambing Performance

Professor Paul Kenyon, Head of the School of Agriculture and Environment at Massey University, discusses managing ewes through pregnancy and lambing to optimise the performance of your lambs during a challenging winter.

Paul has more than 20 years of experience in sheep research in New Zealand and internationally. His research involvement includes; maximizing ewe lamb (hogget) breeding performance, the management of twin and triplet ewe and their offspring in pregnancy and lactation, developing ewe body condition score guidelines, use of alternative herbages including native shrubs to improve sheep performance, sheep interactions with waterways, the impacts on sheep grazing on nitrate leaching levels and farmer learning. These research projects are undertaken at both the basic biological science level and at the farm systems/applied level.

Key points covered in this webinar:

  • Foetal aging to target feeding levels and prioritise mobs
  • Ewe feed intake and demand during pregnancy and lambing
  • Pre lamb shearing advantages and disadvantages depending on timing
  • Early weaning of lambs
  • Feed Planning and Strategies