Hill Country Futures: lucerne at Willesden – productivity compared with grass-based pastures

In this video Tyler Good (Finishing Manager, Willesden Farm, Banks Peninsula) and Professor Derrick Moot (Dryland Pastures Research Group, Lincoln University) talk about the 2-3 fold difference in annual dry matter production measured between resident grass based pastures and the lucerne stands sown as part of the recent pasture development programme.

Differences in animal production between lambs growing on lucerne from birth compared with grass fed store animals brought in later is also discussed. A link to the practical lucerne management guide containing the basic rules for lucerne is provided. (Duration 4 min 49 sec).

Hill Country Futures was a long-term $8.1m programme focused on future proofing the profitability, sustainability and wellbeing of New Zealand’s hill country farmers, their farm systems, the environment, and rural communities. For more information, visit: https://www.hillcountryfutures.co.nz/

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