GHG Calculator Video 2: Fertiliser, Lime and Dolomite

This video demonstrates how to: record details of fertiliser, lime and dolomite applications. In particular, it discusses how to record total elemental N (not total product applied), and how to record separately applications of urea with and without urease (nitrification inhibitor).

For more information, see the User Guide (PDF, 579KB)

By 2022, every sheep and beef farmer should ‘know their numbers’ – that is, have calculated their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and sequestration. Funded by the Red Meat Profit Partnership, the B+LNZ GHG Calculator is a tool for red meat farmers to measure and report on-farm GHG emissions and sequestration. It is simple, accurate and reflects the individual farm’s situation.

This video is part of a step-by-step series on ‘How to use the GHG Calculator’. See the other videos below.

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