Beef class structural assessment

A video featuring Bill Austin, Accredited Structural Assessment Technician, and Jason Archer, B+LNZ Genetics Specialist – Livestock, assessing the phenotype and structure of beef bulls using the Beef Class Structural Assessment scoring system.

Learn what you need to look for as a commercial beef bull buyer.

Key messages

  • “We want a bull that is going to be functional, and functional for a number of years”.
  • “Ignore overall body weight and ignore overall condition on sale day, as there’s fed cattle in this country and there’s bred cattle in this country."
  • “Select the set of EBVs that are relevant to your country, go to that place that has the ones that fit your data spec and pick the best, most functional bull you can find.”

Skip to particular structural traits

Temperament (Docility)
2m 27 seconds
Front and Rear Claw Set 4m 08 seconds
Front and Rear Feet Angle (Hoof Angle) 6m 26 seconds
Rear Legs Side View 7m 27 seconds
Rear Legs Hind View 9m 38 seconds
Front Legs Front View 11m
Sheath and Navel 11m 57 seconds


  • Condition Scoring