AgInnovation 2021: Hyperfarm – Dr Seth Laurenson & Remy Lasseur, AgResearch

The Farm Environmental Plan is becoming a key for farmers to remain compliant. Greater standardisation of these plans has been called for by Central Government and this will require improved interoperability between existing models and databases.

We have developed HyperFarm, a computer-based tool that allows the end-user to identify and visualise a suite of land use activities assignable at a sub-paddock level, while simultaneously understanding the consequences and opportunities associated with such decisions. A range of different land uses, such as dairy, sheep, apple trees & forestry, are available and can be assigned at a paddock or sub-paddock level. A user interface with a 3D viewer allows landowners to interact easily with underpinning models and spatial layers. HyperFarm provides an appealing and safe environment where users can adopt a ‘what happens if’ mindset and test any land use options without risks. Arguably, this will enhance tacit learning, increase the uptake of science, foster innovation in land use activities, and eventually accelerate the adoption of new practices towards sustainable futures. Come see it in action and hear from its developers.

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