Shaping the future of New Zealand’s red meat sector: positioned to successfully respond to the trends and challenges

Beef + Lamb New Zealand have released a new report to strengthen New Zealand’s red meat sector by understanding the potential disruption that could occur in future as a consequence of long term consumer trends and technological change. The report also suggests how we can minimise or mitigate that disruption.

We’re joined by Hugh Good, Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Global Market Intelligence and Research Manager to talk about the report, why it was commissioned and what it recommends. Some fascinating insights and ideas, including the opportunities for enhancing health benefits from NZ’s red meat, whether NZ has a ‘food culture’ we can export rather than just ingredients, and even whether the products we market have to be grown in NZ.

You can find the report and a summary of it on our website, as well as Hugh’s contact details if you have questions or feedback.

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