Lanercost and OverseerFM: making informed business decisions on Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Future Farm

B+LNZ’s first Future Farm is Lanercost, a 1310ha property in the hills near Cheviot. One of the key tools the Future Farm uses to help its planning is OverseerFM.

On this podcast we talk with Kirsti Lovie, Future Farms Insight Manager at B+LNZ and Alastair Taylor, Business Development Manager for Overseer Ltd, about how the model has grown from its early use to do soil fertility recommendations, and how Lanercost now use it to assess stocking decisions.

We discuss how they use it to provide information that can be used for programmes such as NZ Farm Assurance Programme and Taste Pure Nature, and how it is used in conjunction with other farm software such as Farmax and FarmIQ to make proactive farming decisions, while at the same time addressing regulatory requirements. We also discuss new uses of the tool, such as assessing and planning carbon sequestration.

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