Breeding success: inside the Informing New Zealand Beef commercial herds initiative

In this episode, Richard Scholefield and Patrick Crawshaw, who are involved in the programme, share their first-hand experiences and the benefits they’ve witnessed through participation.

Commercial farms play a key role in Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Informing New Zealand Beef (INZB) programme because they contribute to the accuracy of breeding values of stud bulls.

The INZB programme aims to onboard at least 10 farmers each year as part of the Next Generation Commercial Herds initiative. Those selected adopt a recording schedule and can also carry out genotyping of their cow herd and calves and sires. The farmers can benchmark their herd against others involved in the programme, and it also allows for more accurate heifer selection.

For more information about the INZB programme visit the B+LNZ Genetics website:

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