BreakFeed: Talking Bull 1 – Why you should (or shouldn’t) farm bulls

In this podcast, Richard Plunket shares some of what he learned from being involved in a RMPP pilot farm project with Alliance Group, and we discuss bull beef farming with renowned agricultural consultant Bob Thomson, of AgFirst.

Richard and Andrea Plunket farm 440ha near Oamaru, and run about 300 Friesian bulls as part of their system. Richard was part of the RMPP pilot farm project with Alliance Group, exploring information transfer for farmers, and he had the chance to visit some top performing bull beef farms.

Topics covered include considering the whole farm system, why bulls are an underutilised option, management systems, and the key points for success.

Bulls, breeding, beef, Friesian bulls, RMPP pilot farm project, alliance group, Richard Plunket, Andrea Plunket, top performing bull, bob Thomson, whole farm system, underutilised bulls, management systems,, land use capabilities, financial bottom line, better grazing management, profitablity, whole-farm approach

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