Beef Progeny Test: a frank conversation with the men at the coalface

Dr Jason Archer (Abacus Bio) and Max Tweedie (B+LNZ Genetics) chat with the Beef Progeny Test Farm Managers, to discuss what they have found and observed so far, including their thoughts on the value of high genetic worth bulls.

The B+LNZ Genetics Beef Progeny Test was launched in 2014 and is generating valuable commercial insights for farmers. The Beef Progeny Test compares bulls under New Zealand commercial farming conditions.

The test now involves over 3,000 beef and dairy cow matings each year, on five large properties across New Zealand. A mix of both internationally-sourced and New Zealand semen is used. Steers and cull heifers are assessed on their carcase traits, while replacement heifers are tracked for their ongoing maternal characteristics.

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