B+LNZ Marlborough Farming for Profit Field Day: Livestock and Pasture Management in Dryland

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Field day

About the day

Join us at Islayburn for an informative afternoon on stock and pasture management in dryland Marlborough. Hear from leading experts Derrick Moot (Professor Department of Agriculture at Lincoln University) and Paul Kenyon (Professor of Sheep Husbandry at Massey University). Derrick Moot will be discussing topics related to pasture/crop and management of these after a prolonged dry period. Paul Kenyon will cover the importance of nutrition and prioritising feed to different stock classes in dry times. 

After the presentations in the woolshed, we will go on a farm tour (please bring a 4WD if possible or jump in with someone else). This will be followed by a BBQ at 5pm for those that wish to stay on. 

Evening BBQ kindly sponsored by Alliance, Rabobank, Rural Support Trust, and Farmlands.


  • Derrick Moot is a Professor at Lincoln University in the Department of Agriculture Sciences. Derrick leads the Dryland Pastures Research programme. His research includes how legume-based pastures can enhance water and nitrogen use efficiency to combat climate change and variability in dryland areas. Much of his work is focused on adding resilience to farming systems in summer dry and drought prone regions. Derrick has done a lot of research work in lucerne, which helped transform landscapes and farming practices to lessen drought effects. 
  • Paul Kenyon is a Professor of Sheep Husbandry at Massey University and is the Head of School of Agriculture. Paul grew up on a sheep and beef farm and has been involved in several research programmes, such as maximising ewe breeding, lamb survival and growth to weaning, grazing on alternative feed types, fetal programming, ewe longevity, importance of BCS and early rearing systems. These research projects are undertaken at both science level and on farm systems to improve on-farm production and profitability.


For more information contact Amanda Henderson on amanda.henderson@beeflambnz.com