B+LNZ Wormwise 101 Workshop: Amberley

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drenching ewes

Drench resistance is a real challenge facing our sector but with careful parasite management, utilising available tools and information and, good decision making we can ensure that we can keep the option of drenching in our farm systems.

This workshop is ideal for those new to industry or in training before securing that first on farm job. If you are new to the topic of Wormwise this is a great place to start the journey to building new knowledge.

Topics covered

  • Internal parasites.
  • What is drench resistance?
  • Why refugia is important? 
  • Low contamination pastures.
  • What tools you can use.

Sarah Williams is an experienced Wormwise Facilitator and Veterinarian who translates her passion for Parasites in a fun and interactive way leaving no questions unanswered.


Registration is essential.