B+LNZ West Coast Women in Agriculture: Sowing Seeds for Success

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Beef + Lamb New Zealand are proud to bring a West Coast version of Ladies' Long lunch to Greymouth in 2024. 

Sowing seeds of success is an opportunity for all women connected with Agriculture and the Rural Sector to come together to celebrate some of the amazing and purpose driven women from the West Coast. To be inspired and feel supported on your own journey of farming, family and self. 

Proudly supported by Rural Support Trust – West Coast.

Keynote speaker

Emma Timmis (Reefton runner- Athlete- Artist and 3x Guinness World Record holder)

image of Emma Timmis- Reefton Runner Emma Timmis - Athlete- Artist and 3x Guinness World Record holder.

Holding three Guinness World Records isn't something that comes with luck. Determination, leadership, strategy and teamwork are required. Emma shares stories of her achievements with her 'no sugar-coating' style, you'll get all the juicy details and learn lessons along the way without having to get your hands dirty. 

Running across Africa (twice), rollerskating across the Netherlands, running the length of New Zealand and enduring 48 hours on the treadmill are just a few of Emma’s wild accomplishments. With more than a decade of adventures under her belt, Emma has found the recipe to success. 

Emma emphasises that endurance events are as much about mental strength as physical capability. She teaches audiences how to develop leadership skills, create successful strategies, and maintain resilience to achieve their goals. 

Panel of “Community champions”

What motivates these local ladies to give so much to their communities and families? How do they juggle everything they do and look after themselves? 

Dr Abby Clement

Abby Clement moved to the West Coast from Canterbury 3 years ago. She lives on a coastal dairy farm north of Hokitika with her husband Paul & 3 young children. They owner operate a self contained dairy farm with approx 200 milkers & Abby works half time as a GP in Hokitika. With about 10 years experience working as a rural GP, she has unique insights into the challenges of rural communities. 

image of Abby Clement

Abbi Ayre 

Abbi Ayre is a dedicated dairy farmer, loving mother of two, and passionate advocate for mental health awareness based in Reefton. 

Her life is a blend of hard work, resilience, and the joy of family. Abbi has navigated the challenges of postpartum psychosis. Abbi's experiences have ignited a desire to help other mothers improve their mental well-being. 

image of Abbi Ayre

Stacey Straight 

Stacey is dairy farming with her husband in Whataroa and mother of two adult sons. Stacey is all about community which sees her wear many hats, volunteer fire fighter, community coordinator and community association secretary to name a few. 

image of Stacey Straight


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