B+LNZ Waikato Monitor Farm Field Day

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Field day
Field day

Blueridge Farms ltd would like to welcome the farming community back to our second annual Fieldday at Te Pahu. 

Elliot, Heather and mark will discuss the results of the first year of operation, financial, production and environmental for the community to discuss, learn and analyse.

About the day

  • It has been a successful initial year, but several unforeseen challenges have been met and overcome. With the audacious goal of being a top 10% farm over a range of metrics, the data will be presented for everyone to gauge their progress. 
  • A farm tour of the 322 ha in the afternoon will give everyone an opportunity to assess how the farm system is fitting the land and see what opportunities now present themselves. 
  • A handout will be available to take home so a record can be kept of the progress.

The day will end with refreshments and a BBQ, so the monitor farm Committee look forward to seeing you all there.


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