B+LNZ Unleashing Dairy Beef Potential Through Partnership Workshop: Cambridge

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image of dairy beef cattle

Unleashing Dairy Beef Potential Through Partnership is all about enhancing dairy beef profitability through partnerships. 

This event will provide practical insights, highlight the benefits of collaboration between dairy and beef farmers, and offer attending farmers a chance to engage with industry leaders who are actively working in this area. 

Join us for an informative and collaborative day focused on dairy beef production!


  • Sessions on assessing calf value.
  • Connecting data to profit.
  • The power of genetics.
  • Calf management challenges and solutions.
  • Connecting dairy and beef farmers.

Key Points of the day

  • About Owl Farm: Insights into Owl Farm’s mission, key facts, and the dairy-beef journey.
  • Knowing Your Numbers: Bob Thomson delves into industry stats, assessing calf value, and financial basics.
  • The Power of Genetics: Dr Rebecca Hickson explores where to find the best beef bulls, the Dairy Beef Progeny Test, and more.
  • Stretch Session: A chance to have a look at some of the dairy stock on farm and discuss the power of feed conversion efficiency of a high-performing dairy herd.
  • Calf Management Challenges and Solutions: Farmers and vets sharing practical knowledge on growing calves in the challenging 100kg to 200kg liveweight range including strategies for addressing internal parasite management.


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