Field day

B+LNZ Taranaki Farming for Profit Field Day: Lift Farm Profit by Improving Beef Cow Production Efficiency

These field days will be run throughout the year aimed at giving you the tools to take control of your business including maximising on farm production, business planning and management skills, and helping you get the most out of yourself and your staff.


Join us for a field day looking at lifting farm profit by improving beef cow production efficiency.

The day includes an on-farm tour.

What to bring

  • Your own lunch.
  • 4WD ATV or side-by-side for the farm tour.  Helmets are required.  We request that your ATV is cleaned and soil removed prior to entering the property.
  • BBQ to follow at the conclusion of the day (4.45pm).  

Key topics

  • On-farm analysis of Mark and Olivia Duffy’s farm business.
  • On-farm discussion around effectively managing pasture growth and quality in summer wet environments.
  • Steve Morris to share his research around beef cow efficiencies. 

About the guest presenter: Steve Morris

Professor in Animal Science, Massey University Professor Steve Morris of Massey University, Professor in Animal Science in the School of Agriculture and the Environment is one of NZ’s most experienced and knowledgeable livestock experts, cemented through 40 years of engagement both with NZ industry and through a number of noteworthy international collaborations with world-leading universities and private-sector firms. He was a key member of NZ’s Farmer Beef Council from 1993 – 2010, where farmer needs for extension help shape the direction of research and technology transfer. Steve has research interests in all ruminants but with a focus on beef cattle and sheep production. Specific beef cattle research includes efficient beef cow performance, breeding from heifers at 2 years of age, beef production from the dairy herd, steer beef production and sustainable beef production from pasture.

Sheep based research programs include: maximizing ewe lamb breeding performance, twin- and triplet-lamb survival and growth to weaning, alternative feed types to improve performance, maximizing lamb growth post weaning. These research projects cover the range the applied level to the management of livestock production systems. Steve has collaborative research programs and livestock development projects with research groups in Uruguay, Argentina, Scotland, China, Vanuatu, Laos and Indonesia.



COVID-19 event protocols

There will be some changes to how events are run so that we adhere to the government’s COVID-19 requirements: COVID-19.govt.nzIn particular, B+LNZ needs to manage risks, and have the ability to contact trace attendees if anything were to happen.

  • It is imperative that every individual pre-registers for any B+LNZ events to avoid the risk of being turned away upon arrival.
  • If you have cold or flu symptoms, please stay at home.

Find out more

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