B+LNZ North Canterbury Farming for Profit Field Day: Focus on the Fundamentals

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Field day

Join us on a farm tour with Duncan and Jess Murray at Scargill Hills. Prior planning and preparation are critical to achieving target pasture covers at lambing, while also ensuring other stock classes have their nutritional needs met.

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About the day

Feed planning and body condition scoring is critical to the success of the Scargill Hills’ and Inverary farming businesses. Duncan and Bert will discuss their approach to feed planning and body condition scoring and how they implement these tools. Duncan will share how having a good understanding of feed budgeting drives management strategies such as containment feeding, to ensure target covers are achieved at critical periods during the year.  

Duncan and Simon will discuss how they work together to plan crop rotations and pasture renewal and Craig will share his expertise in ruminant nutrition to discuss optimal nutritional management on winter crops. 

We will also have a chance to observe the substantial development program that Duncan, Jess and team have completed in recent years. 

4 wheeled drive vehicles only on farm tour. 

The field day will be followed by a BBQ from 4pm provided by the rural team at ANZ. 

Guest speakers

  • Bert Oliver (Inverary Station) 
  • Simon Bailey (Frame’s Grain & Seed) 
  • Craig Trotter (FarmIQ)


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