B+LNZ Hawkes Bay Farming for Profit Field Day: Am I cutting the RIGHT costs?

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Field day
image of farmer fixing fence

Join the B+LNZ Hawkes Bay Farming For Profit group for a field day at Sam and Hannah Morrah’s property in Central Hawkes Bay. 

Discover how they are navigating through challenging times and gain insights into their farm system. Explore key drivers behind their operations, learn about any cost-cutting measures implemented and their rationale, delve into their fertiliser plan for the financial year, and uncover any recent changes or optimisation efforts in their farming system.

Topics discussed:

  • Cost Management: Are we cutting the right costs?
  • Feed Management: Assessing quality and expected performance.
  • Stock Management: Identifying priority stock classes.


  • Mat Dorward (H&T) will discuss Sam’s winter crop strategies for his ewes.
  • Geordie McCallum (Wairarapa Property Consultants) will address managing downturns, exploring key investments under our control, and maintaining disciplines in both prosperous and challenging times.

Farm your requirements:

  • Quad bikes or side by sides are required for the farm tour.
  • Helmets MUST be worn; no helmet, no farm tour!

There will be a light lunch provided along with with a barbeque and beverage to round it off.

Registration closed.