B+LNZ Fluke Facts Workshops: Understanding Liver Fluke

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beef dairy

In 2023, Andrew Dowling (BVSc) submitted his thesis to Massey University on “The prevalence and production effects of liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) in New Zealand cattle including evaluation of diagnostic tests”. 

With support from Westland Milk products, West Coast Farmers and uilising the West Coast environment as the main hub for his investigations Andrew now returns with Beef and Lamb New Zealand to share information and his findings. 

“It was surprising how little is known about this parasite and the intermediate host snail that is such an important part of the fluke life cycle.” 

Topics covered

  • The 101 of Liver Fluke.
  • The environment in which it thrives.
  • The tools currently in the toolbox including diagnostic testing.
  • Where the research could go to from here. 

Andrew Dowling (PhD, BVSc) works as a technical expert of Animal Health for PGG Wrightson. 

Lunch provided.


Register for one of two workshops below.

Venue Date Time Register
Hokitika - Wests Rugby Club, 50 Brittan Street, Hokitika 7810 23 July 10:30 - 2pm Registration closed.
Westport - Club Buller, 44 Queen Street, Westport 7825 24 July 10:30 - 2pm Registration closed.