B+LNZ Better Beef Buying Workshops: Mokairau and Kaharau

Event category
Bunch of bull

For potential bull buyers wanting to learn how to interpret genetic merit from eBVs, Indexes and physical appearance. 

Key topics

  • Opportunity to increase performance of dairy beef calves through genetics.
  • Addressing traits of relevance for the dairy farmer, the rearer and the finisher.
  • Key learnings from the past nine years of the Beef + Lamb NZ Dairy Beef progeny Test.
  • LIC’s investment in selecting superior beef bulls that meet both the requirements the dairy farmer as well as beef finishers and processors.


Registration essential. See below for workshop times and locations.

Venue Date Time Register
Kaharau Angus, 410 Goodwin Road, Gisborne 1 May 10am Registration closed.
Mokairau Herefords, 3005 Whangara Road, Gisborne 2 May 10am Registration closed.