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Train with Primary ITO

Thinking of upskilling and already in employment on a sheep and beef farm? With Primary ITO you can earn while you learn.

Primary Industry Training Organisation (Primary ITO) offers a range of workshops, short courses, certificate and diploma programmes all designed for people who are in employment.

They have training options for people at all stages of farming – whether you're new to farming or already managing a farm.

The ITO will assess your needs and match you with the right training programme. If you take one of their longer courses, you'll come out of it with a nationally accredited qualification.

What can you study?

Some of the options availble to sheep and beef farmers include:

Industry Skills

  • New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Agriculture) (Sheep and Beef) Level 2

Vehicles, Machinery and Infrastructure

  • New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Vehicles, Machinery and Infrastructure) Level 3

Livestock Husbandry/Sheep Husbandry

  • New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Livestock Husbandry) (Meat & Fibre) Level 3

Livestock Feeding

  • New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Pastoral Livestock Production) Level 3

Level 4 Sheep or Beef Farming

  • New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Livestock) Level 4

Production Management

  • New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Production Management Level 5

Rural Staff Management

  • National Certificate in Business (First Line Management) Level 3

Agribusiness Management

  • New Zealand Diploma in Agribusiness Management Level 5

Introduction to Team Leadership

  • New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) Level 3

Find out more

Visit the Primary ITO website to find out more about training options in the sheep and beef industry.


Beef + Lamb New Zealand provides funding to Primary ITO to subsidise the study costs of about 750 people each year.