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Red Meat Profit Partnership

The Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) is a collaborative programme that brings together partners from across the red meat sector to help our industry become more profitable, confident and productive.

Creating a sustainable future for sheep and beef farming

Industry and government have partnered up through the Primary Growth Partnership programme to invest in a $65 million programme to drive sustainable, long-terms profits for New Zealand's red meat sector.

The objective is to drive sustainable productivity improvements in the sheep and beef sector to deliver higher on-farm profitability. 

Who is involved?

RMPP is made up of:


  • via Beef + Lamb New Zealand 

Meat processing companies

  • Alliance Group, ANZCO, Blue Sky Meats, Greenlea, Progressive Meats and Silver Fern Farms 


  • ANZ and Rabobank 


  • via the Ministry for Primary Industries

Focusing on farm business

RMPP will arm farmers with knowledge and tools to encourage greater efficiency and profit – not production for production’s sake.

A national extension network for farmers will link meat processors, Beef + Lamb New Zealand, banks, universities, researchers, farm consultants, vets and fertiliser reps to provide the best information on which to base business decisions.

New technologies are being developed to help farmers measure and monitor on-farm activities and there will be more focus on agriculture in education to secure a flow of talented people into the sector.

How the programme is funded

In March 2013 farmers voted to contribute a total of $19.7 million dollars to the programme, funded from New Zealand Meat Board and Beef + Lamb New Zealand reserve funds.

Farmer investment is approximately 30 per cent of the total cost of RMPP.  For every $1 of farmer investment, we leverage a further $2.33 of government and industry partner funding.

Find out more

Visit the RMPP website.