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Beef + Lamb New Zealand Hoof and Hook Competition

The Beef + Lamb New Zealand Hoof and Hook Competition run by Future Beef New Zealand (FBNZ) encourages young people (aged 8-24) who are involved and interested in the beef industry to learn more.

About the competition

Established in 2006, the FBNZ Hoof and Hook competition is a growing success story. There is no expected level of experience for participants and all interested young people are invited to enter. It's a great way to make new friends and learn about the New Zealand beef industry through interactive modules.

Event participants are split into age based groups and gain experience and knowledge of beef cattle whilst learning new skills. They gain experience in cattle appraisal and handling, gain exposure to industry technology and learn about meat quality and processing. Furthermore, participants begin to develop their own network of passionate people and gain a clear overview of the various career options the industry can offer.

You don’t have to have your own steer to participate in the competition, FBNZ will endeavour to arrange an animal for you to borrow or share for the duration of the competition.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand is the naming sponsor of this event.

What is FBNZ?

Future Beef New Zealand was developed jointly by PBBNZ Ltd, and B+LNZ to encourage and promote youth involvement and interest in the beef industry. FBNZ is a youth programme aimed at 8 – 24 year olds from all walks of life.

How to enter

To enter and find out more, please visit the FBNZ website.