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Future Farms Initiative

The successful adoption of new technology can have a significant impact on farm business profit. For this reason, farmers rely on new technologies being well-tested before considering application within their own system.

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Adoption of technology on commercial farms can be slow. The rate of technology adoption of New Zealand farmers must increase or the industry risks missing opportunities and losing our international competitive advantage.

B+LNZ Future Farms programme aims to solve this problem by testing and refining new and emerging technologies, ideas and research within a commercial farming environment.

Thorough testing of technology

The Future Farms Programme may operate across multiple sites in both the North and South Islands – providing a balance of low altitude, easy country combined with steeper hill country. This will ensure that technologies exclusively designed for hill country or low country can be tested on both islands.

The main focus

Since productivity and environmental management go hand-in-hand, the farms will focus on using technologies to maximise farm productivity in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Demonstrating leading-edge innovation in a practical environment, the successes and failures will be shared with the farming community; helping New Zealand sheep and beef farmers more rapidly adopt the best new technologies to improve their businesses in a sustainable way.