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B+LNZ Genetics

B+LNZ Genetics was established in 2014 to consolidate New Zealand’s sheep and beef genetics research and innovation into a single entity as a division of B+LNZ.

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B+LNZ Genetics exists to help commercial farmers make the most profitable breeding decisions for their particular farm management system.

It does this by ensuring breeding objectives are commercially focused and developing easy-to-use selection tools.

nProv – Online ram genetics tool

Finding the right sheep genetics for your farming operation is about to get a lot easier with this new tool from B+LNZ Genetics

Using a series of buttons and slider scales, farmers can customise what they are looking for in their ram team, then – with a simple click of a button – nProve generates a list of breeders who have rams that best fit the purpose defined by the farmer.

Check it out at nprove.nz

Funding and partners

B+LNZ Genetics is funded by sheep and beef levy payers and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. It is supported by additional investment from third parties, including meat processors, breed societies and commercial entities interested in sheep and beef genetics and genomics.