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1. Why has Beef + Lamb NZ developed the Red Meat Story and Origin Brand?

The aim is to use Taste Pure Nature as a global brand platform to enhance the positioning of New Zealand beef and lamb. Taste Pure Nature will provide a marketing umbrella to support New Zealand exporter brand building activities.

There is a growing level of anxiety among consumers globally about meat driven from food scares, hormones and antibiotics, impacts on the environment, horse meat substitution, lack of transparency, and animal welfare concerns.

A lot of these concerns stem from more industrialised production methods. That’s not the way we farm. If we don’t want to be affected by these trends, then we need to tell our story to consumers better.

Our research has found that New Zealand’s image as a country in our overseas markets is positive but weak in relation to red meat. There is very little knowledge about our natural grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free farming methods.

As a sector, our future also lies in driving a higher premium for our products. We can’t and don’t want to feed the world. Our research shows that country/place of origin is a primary tool consumers, retailers and foodservice use to decide where to buy their products from, and is a shortcut to understanding and trust. Origin branding is also a platform off which greater value can be driven.

With our natural assets and farming systems, New Zealand is strongly positioned, at an origin level, to establish a level of trust and loyalty with consumers that can’t be replicated by other countries.

2. How are you going to bring the Red Meat Story to life?

The Taste Pure Nature brand assets will be available for New Zealand exporters to use in all markets by the end of the year. This will be in the form of a brand toolbox and include insights from our research linking to a ‘how to’ activation guide by country. According to our research the knowledge of New Zealand, and our farming production systems, is weak, so education will be a focus.

We will also undertake active promotion in two pilot markets, China and the US, to help build demand, visibility and experiences for New Zealand origin beef and lamb through in-market promotion of Taste Pure Nature to key distributors, foodservice and retail channels (incl. consumer). Programmes are currently being developed with input from meat processing companies in New Zealand and their partners in China and the US.

3. What will consumers see?

The aim is to use Taste Pure Nature as a global brand platform to enhance the positioning of New Zealand beef and lamb. Taste Pure Nature will provide a marketing umbrella to support New Zealand exporter brand building activities. Consumers will see Taste Pure Nature on packaging, advertising and other material.

4. What is the scale of the opportunity based on your market intelligence?

Our research showed that there is currently low consumer awareness of New Zealand’s natural production systems. At the same time, there is growing consumer distrust of meat globally because it is associated with more industrialised production systems. It is therefore imperative we tell our story to avoid being affected by these trends.

Our research also showed definitive payoffs from telling our story. There is growing demand for grass-fed, hormone free, antibiotic free red meat that consumers are willing to pay a premium for. Our farming naturally fits in this category, but we are currently not capitalising on the opportunity.

5. How will you measure success? When can the sector expect to see the benefits?

Market development is a long-term investment, so we do not anticipate seeing change in the first few years.

B+LNZ will be working with meat companies to put a strong framework around the origin brand and story to ensure we monitor and measure and adapt the programme as necessary.

We will track the effectiveness of this investment by:

  • Tracking the average price increases for NZ red meat versus key competitors

  • Monitoring consumer preference for NZ as a choice of premium red meat in targeted markets

  • Catching up to our competitors.

6. How will processors qualify to use the origin brand?

If a company wishes to use the Taste Pure Nature trade mark in global markets, they must first apply to B+LNZ for a Licence to use the mark.

To be considered eligible for a licence, a New Zealand meat company must be part of the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP), or have an ISO 17065 accredited Farm Assurance Programme which is independently audited.

7. Do they need to have signed up to the NZFAP?

Companies will either need to be part of the NZFAP, or have a farm assurance programme which meets the ISO 17065 standard and is independently audited.

8. Why this design in particular?

During the design process, we tested many stories, brands, and taglines with consumers and this one consistently ranked highest. This testing was done both qualitatively and quantitatively. We also tested the brand against some global exemplars, and Taste Pure Nature come out on top through all our research.

Taste is an invitation. Taste is an experience. Taste Pure Nature is an invitation to experience unique flavours. Where happy, healthy animals are nurtured in a unique way, in a truly remarkable place by incredibly passionate people.


Michael Wan

Global Manager
New Zealand Red Meat Story
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