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Rural Facilitators’ Social Learning Space

This platform is for sharing practice, developing relationships, and helping facilitators with ongoing learning and development.

We invite you to take this opportunity to connect, learn and converse with other facilitators and extension agents

Connect with others in your area and widen your network. As most of us will have realised by now, learning about facilitation in formal workshops reading books or accessing online resources, only equips us to go out and learn by doing it. Since the RMPP facilitator workshops started back in 2017, many of you have been doing just that. Developing your practice.

Wherever we are in our development as a facilitator, we can always improve and look for innovation in the way we do things. Joining this community will give you access to the most valuable resource we have, the experience of our peers. It is about sharing our practice – the good, the bad and the ugly.


Something to share or a current challenge? Register to be part of the online facilitator forum

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This is your space to share experiences and challenges, ask for help or offer insights into what is working for you. A simple chat forum only accessible by you.

This forum will be monitored, and learnings captured and summarised for a quarterly newsletter. Please note the newsletter content will be anonymous and will not disclose the author's name unless permission is granted prior.

Download a Guide to setting up your Moodle account for users (PDF, 425 KB).


Connect with other rural facilitators

You can send messages direct to each other by clicking on the facilitator you’d like to reach out to. See our directory below.

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Upcoming facilitation events

View our Events Calendar for events related to facilitation

Check out the Facilitation Learning and Change Programme flyer (PDF, 2.4 MB)



  • These three-monthly newsletters will keep facilitators updated on upcoming events you may be interested in, learnings from other facilitators, tips, and tricks.
  • First newsletter coming in April 2022.

These webinars give you a chance to refresh lessons already learnt, learn new tips and tricks and engage with other facilitators and facilitation experts. 

Knowledge Hub
The Knowledge Hub has a huge range of material from industry experts to help you make more informed decisions.
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