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B+LNZ Farmer Consultation 2017

We’d like to give you an update and seek your feedback on Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s priorities and the budget proposed for the year ahead.
Monday, 14 August 2017

We’ve just refreshed our strategy. We asked farmers what big rocks we need to focus on and where we can have the most impact. This means that we’ll need to stop some activities and we’re working through that process now.

Our priorities

Beef + Lamb New Zealand will be focusing on four key priorities over the next five years:

  • Supporting farming excellence
  • Unlocking market potential
  • Enhancing the sector’s environmental reputation
  • Better engaging with government and building the New Zealand public’s trust in farmers.

Profitable and sustainable farming businesses 

We share farmers’ passion for thriving rural communities. Yet this only happens if we have profitable and sustainable farming businesses. Core to our strategy is sustainable farm profitability. Farm profit is driven by the prices we receive, minus our costs of production, multiplied by the kilograms of product we sell. The box to the right shows the impact of improving these three components by 5%.

Consequently, each of our programmes, are focused on improving or safeguarding different components of a farmer’s profit equation. The ‘safeguarding’ aspect can’t be understated as it is vitally important we don’t suffer price, cost or production shocks because of ill-thought out regulations, a biosecurity incursion or a loss of market access.

What we’ll do

Here are some examples where B+LNZ will work to influence and guard against slippage in farm gate prices, costs or production:

  1. Lift prices by pursuing tariff reductions, currently $0.47/kg beef and$0.12/kg sheep meat.
  2. Lift prices by partnering with exporters and telling the story unique to New Zealand’s red meat sector both domestically and internationally.
  3. Maintain and protect our market prices and freedom to operate by providing farmers with tools and insights for world-leading environmental stewardship.
  4. Increase sustainable production through R&D which is extended in new ways as a result of learnings from Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) extension pilots.
  5. Increase prices, production and reduce costs through Beef + Lamb Genetics providing genetic tools so we have more animals that are what the consumer wants, grow faster and require less inputs.
  6. Working with other organisations to assist government to develop good policy which achieve better outcomes and cost less for farmers.
  7. Protect farmers against price and production impacts should we suffer a food safety threat or a bio-security incursion.

To successfully implement the strategy, we’re also structuring our business differently and we’ll give you more detail on that soon.

Your feedback

Download and read greater detail of our strategy, including those key issues we want feedback on. You can fill out the online survey embedded below or by clicking here.

Aside from the strategy, we’re asking for specific feedback on:

  • Better biosecurity through Government Industry Agreements (GIA’s)
  • Beef + Lamb New Zealand Budget
  • New Zealand Meat Board Business
  • New Zealand Meat Board Investment Approach.

Rather than running a host of stand-alone farmer consultation meetings directors will be seeking opportunities to attend and speak at already scheduled B+LNZ events. We’re also using more electronic means and online videos.

Fill out the survey

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or email your local B+LNZ director if you’d like to make direct contact.

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